Dana Gae Hanchard

RADIYOGA  is a 4 minute daily yoga program set to music and developed by Ken Harakuma, the Director of the International Yoga Center. Harakuma is the primary ambassador for Ashtanga yoga in Tokyo, Japan where  i learned  primary series with him. Radiyoga takes as it's model Radio Taiso, a 4 minute morning radio exercise program set to piano music and  designed to get a war ravaged citizenry up and running after WWII. Radiyoga brings the breath and awareness to basic  movements that can be done by people of any ability, even wheelchair and bed bound people will also benefit from this practice.  The above image is taken from an article about RADIYOGA that appeared in Tokyo Yogini magazine in 2007. I  wrote the music, recorded the instructional and did workshops with Ken sensei around Japan. RADIYOGA classes are being taught now regularly at community centers, gyms and local shrines. Since, 2008 RADIYOGA has been broadcast by Fuji Television several days a week. This class will have you smiling afterward and glad you did it!  I am happy to share RADIYOGA at schools, community centers, nursing homes and rehab centers.

Radiyoga moves with the Harlem and Kenya Jirani Choirs